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Welcome to Mine Z, the Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft

Posted on Thursday, June 21st, 2012 in Gaming by Nick

On the heals of Day Z, the zombie survial game based off of Arma II, comes Mine Z, a Minecraft version of it. The mod has not been released yet, but is already creating alot of noise.


The Mine Z team wanted to create an GUI that was ‘open to as many people as possible’, so they used the existing Minecraft GUI. The XP number shows your thirst level (maximum level is 20 while dehydrated is 0). If you become dehydrated, you lose health slowly until you can get your thirst level up, so finding water is very important.

The Experience Bar has been changed to show the player his visibility to zombies. Based on movements and other factors, the bar will move and grow or shrink to show your your visibility.

Improved Zombie AI

Mine Z brings a much improved Zombie AI to complete the overall experience of Day Z in Minecraft. For example, zombies can detect you at varying ranges based on your movement. Sneaking allows you to get close to the zombies and sprinting alerts the surrounding zombies. Another improvement is the line of sight feature. Zombies can not detect you if they can’t see your head or feet.

Sound also matters. Make too much sound and zombies will move towards your general area. Thus all your movements must be planned out.

Rain reduces visibility and the day/night light cycles do too. Thunderstorms help by reducing visibility and creating more noise, so you can move around more freely. One last thing: Zombies can see through glass and they move fast

Inventory Management

Like in Day Z, inventory management is crucial to survive. Items cannot be stacked, the exception being arrows, which can be stacked up to 15. Items can still be crafted and for example take food. The best food in the game requires crafting and does not spawn naturally.

Below are some example items that can be used by the player

  • Cob webs are one of the few items that can be placed by the player. They slow zombies and can also be used to try to secure a house or stronghold against other players. – Wooden Hoes are a tool used to break cob webs. You cannot break them without this. As such, you will want to find a tool spawn to obtain one if you want to get past these obstacles.
  • Water bottles are used to replenish thirst. You will keep the empty bottle, but as seen on the map there is limited water as you get north. Carrying extra water is a good idea.
  • Snow balls act as tin cans or bottles. Throwing one near a group of zombies will cause them to go investigate. These can be a life saver if you find yourself trapped in a house with zombies roaming outside.
  • Chests are VERY rare drops, and can be placed anywhere on the map. These act as storage locations for you and your group. Hide it well, so other players don’t find it!
The Map

The map Mine Z is played on was created with World Painter and ‘populated by hand’. There are different landmarks like towns that dot the map, which is currently 2400 x 2400 blocks. The team plans on expanding it to 5000×5000 blocks;

Players spawn on the southern coast where the resources like military gear are thin and the zombie spawns are great. Players have to venture north to reach the military gear, but health potions and food diminish the farther you go north.

 Final Thoughts

This mod is one of the coolest, if not the coolest, mods to come to the Minecraft scene. I’ll be covering all the updates for this mod and the development, so stay tuned.


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