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Roundup of WWDC 2012

Posted on Monday, June 11th, 2012 in Mobile by Nick

Apple’s WWDC was today and the announced iOS 6 and a new Mac. Below is a roundup of what they announced (aside from the new Mac)

Improved Siri

  • You can now launch apps from Siri
  • Pulls information from Yahoo, Yelp, and Open Table
  • Can Tweet and Facebook from Siri
  • Some cars will have buttons to directly pull up Siri
  • Siri will also be coming to the iPad
Facebook Integration
  • Manage your account from the Settings menu
  • Works with the Notification Center and Siri
  • Phone numbers from Facebook appear in your contacts now
  • Facebook Events go into your calendar

Pass Book

  • Pass Book allows you to manage all your passes in one app. Example passes would be a boarding pass, a movie ticket, or a store card
  • When you get near the area of the pass (like the Starbucks store) or information about the pass changes (like the boarding gate), it will inform you


  • No longer is the Maps application powered by Google
  • A new Map icon has replaced the older one
  • A traffic service is built in
  • Turn by turn navigation is enabled in the app (and can be seen on the lockscreen)
  • Uses real time data for estimations
  • Flyover feature

Other Small Things

  • Smart Banners allow websites to inform you if they have native version
  • Now you can upload photos from Safari
  • Full screen support in landscape mode in Safari
  • Mail has VIPs now (people you really want to be notified about when they email you)
  • Facetime works over a 3G connection now

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