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Hardcore Charlie steals Chinese and American secrets from a Chinese contractor

Posted on Saturday, April 7th, 2012 in Uncategorized by Nick

A hacker called Harcore Charlie has hacked and stolen of 500mbs of internal documents and secrets from China National Import & Export Corp, which is based in Beijing and holds many Chinese defense contracts. The files consist of contacts to U.S. military transport data and is widespread, though much of the data relates to the US war in Afghanistan.

Hardcore Charile said in a release statment posted on PasteBin that

Dear Readers,
I recently hacked Chinese military contractor CEIEC. I was shocked to discover their servers were filled with documents from US Army brigades in Afghanistan, derisively commenting about Vietnamese and Filipino companies, working the Ukraine and Russia, also selling weapons to the Taliban.
I dedicate this release to the honor of those fallen. Remember them!

Screenshot of a few documents:

The files can be downloaded at Deposit Files


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