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App Review: Temple Run

Posted on Sunday, January 29th, 2012 in Uncategorized by Felica Grenda

Even if you don’t have anything Apple, chances are you’ve heard the name Temple Run be thrown around in conversations. Everyone seems to be playing it. And I really do mean everyone – from the asshole you unfortunately have to see on a daily basis to that one awkward guy who just sits in the back of the room picking his nose. Yeah, you know the one.

If you’ve been sitting under a rock for the past couple months and have no idea what Temple Run is, it’s an application for your iPhone/Pod/Pad/Whatever that you play. In the short time it’s been out it’s shot up to the Top Free and Top Grossing categories in the Apple Store, generally rotating around being 1st or 2nd. Honestly? It seems like it’s a second coming of the Angry Birds phenomenon.

So now that you’ve been brought up to speed on this little trinket, let’s dive into the game itself.



The story to the game is idiotically simple. You’re a treasure hunter that’s finally managed to get your grubby hands on some loot, only to have a trap activated. The trap? A maze you have to navigate while being chased by a pack of damn dirty apes, all while trying not to run into any booby traps.

The best part? There’s no end to the game. You’re virtually running forever, just to rack up your high score.

Eventually you’ll be able to buy power-ups with coins you pick up that will ultimately give you an advantage while playing. Don’t get too cozy with them though, because they aren’t permanent and you’ll be back to running for your life before you know it.


The controls are like any standard game for Apple products. To make turns around corners, players slide their fingers left or right, (sliding left to turn left and right to turn right, just in case you didn’t know). To jump over any obstacles on the ground, they slide up, and to slide underneath those nasty flames of death, players slide their finger down. Finally, to change to either the left, middle, or right lanes, players tilt their device to the left or right.


The graphics are pretty standard for anything you see on your iDevice. Which in a way, benefits the game. Some part of the screen is always in motion, so having any mind-blowing graphics would eventually cause some kind of visual lag in the game. (Unless Apple comes out with a wicked processor sometime soon).

My only real gripe with the graphics are that the maze you’re running through never changes. At all. It wouldn’t hurt to put in a change of scenery, you know what I mean?


My professional opinion: I would say that the game is worth the small amount of data you have to download for free. It’s probably one of the best iOS games on the market, just for the sheer fact that it’s as popular as it is. Even if you try it out and it doesn’t click, it’s free. Free stuff makes the world go round.

My personal opinion: It’s not as good as everyone says it is. I don’t know, maybe the hype had me expect something…more. It just feels like it’s lacking something. Then again, this type of game doesn’t really fit the genre I like. If I’m going to play a mindless game with no end I’ll go play Tetris.


With all this being said, if you haven’t tried out the game, go do it. Just because it didn’t click with me doesn’t mean it won’t with you. Imangi Studios obviously knew what they were doing when they made the app, or they got extremely lucky. (Seriously, the explosive popularity it has attained lately is kind of astounding).

And hey, if you get a high score, you get bragging rights. Everyone loves bragging rights.

Rating: 4.7/5


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