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Minecraft is officially out of beta

Posted on Friday, November 18th, 2011 in Uncategorized by Nick

Over in Las Vegas MineCon was going on all today. With MineCon, Minecraft was going to be released out of beta and here we are, out of beta.


RC2 – 1.0.0 changes:

  • Version number changed to Minecraft 1.0.0. SEE!
  • The sky is a slightly different color, tinged lavender near the horizon [image?]
  • Wooden doors work properly again.
  • Endermen can be heard over ending credits / poem.
  • Possibly ten new achievements – listed here

    . Unsure as to exactly which have been implemented and from which version.

  • Experience points are not lost when leaving The End dimension.
  • New icon for ‘The End’ achievement. Was a spawner, now a Dragon egg.
  • ‘Tormenting’ or whispering sounds in Strongholds. [Anyone confirm with video?]

1.8.1 – 1.0.0 major changes:

  • Tools make a noise and have a drop animation when they break.
  • A large selection of the new sound effects can be heard here

    , however a few are not yet utilized.

  • Bows have durability but cannot be enchanted yet.
  • Sound for when a tool is depleted completely.
  • New passive mob – the Villager – who inhabits villages.
  • Redstone ore break time much shorter.
  • Redstone dust looks different when placed.
  • Now has ‘Quit’ button.
  • There is a Particle toggle option under Video Settings.
  • Stairs now drop stair item when demolished.
  • Creepers, TNT, Ghast shots and explosions in general have new sound effect.
  • New Mobs: Enderdragon, Mooshroom, Blaze, Magma Cube. Unique ‘player made’ mob: Snow Golem.
  • Animal breeding, including baby versions of pigs, cows and chickens.
  • New dimension and ‘endgame’ scenario – The End – Yogscast playthrough – MAJOR SPOILERS


  • New structures for the Nether dimension – Nether Fortresses. Will often include Blaze spawners.
  • New Nether crop – Netherwart (can only be grown while player is in the Nether.)
  • New Nether materials, including Nether brick and Nether fence.
  • New sounds for fall damage, player damage and for collecting XP orbs.
  • More advanced experience collection and usage system, including enchanting of items for tool enhancements.
  • Drinking a bucket of Milk will cure the player of poison effect.
  • Return of Ferns.
  • 9 New records of music produced by C418.
  • New sound effects for eating and drinking.

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