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Run a Minecraft Server on Windows Fast and Simple

Posted on Saturday, October 29th, 2011 in Uncategorized by Nick

If you run a Minecraft server on Windows, you have to deal with port forwarding and other issues that bogs down the experience. With YAMS, the Minecraft Server application runs as a service, so as long as your computer is on, your Minecraft server is available. YAMS also helps you to automatically generate Google Maps of your worlds as well as static images and provides a nice easy way to share these with other people.

YAMS does not read or process any of the client-server communication, when you connect to a YAMS powered server, you are connecting directly to Minecraft. This means that YAMS can be freely updated without fear of kicking everyone out of your server. It does also mean that there are no additional in-server commands beyond those programmed in by Notch. There are however, a few automation tasks to make an admin’s life easier, such as; delayed restarts, restart when empty and auto-updating.


  • Runs as a Windows service
  • Allows control through web based interface
  • All chat, console messages, error and alerts stored in a database for persistence
  • Keeps itself and Minecraft up to date
  • Vanilla Minecraft server so won’t break when Notch releases a client or server update
  • Integrates and automates Minecraft Overviewer and c10t
  • Control and run multiple Minecraft servers on one Windows box
You can download it here

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