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Get Madden 12 for free for your Verizon Android phone

Posted on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 in Uncategorized by Nick

Have a Verizon Android phone and a hankering for Madden 12? Don’t want to pay $7 for an app? Well, thanks to the folks at Verizon and EA, you can now get Madden 12 or free October 1st through the 3rd.

You can get it by calling **MADDEN (**623336) on your phone. A text message with a link will be sent to your phone after calling. Open the link in your phone’s stock internet browser (I got an ‘incompatible phone’ error when the link was opened up in any other browser than the stock one). The web page should have a link to the Verizon VCAST app and a link to Madden 12. Install VCAST (I had to reboot my phone because I was getting an connection error in the app) and then click on the Madden 12 link.

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