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MIUI: The Better Android

Posted on Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 in Uncategorized by Nick

Android is ugly (there I said it). Say what you want about Apple, but the overall UI of their iOS is awesome. Android, well,  is lacking a bit in that department. MIUI fixes that and truly redefines what you know about Android.

MIUI, Redefining Android.

  • MIUI Desktop
    • Widgets and apps are displayed together on the desktop.
      Long-pressing the desktop lets the user rearrange and add widgets, and organize their apps.
      An app can simply be dragged to the top of the screen (where a rubbish bin will appear) to uninstall it.
      There are 8 different screen transitions which can be applied at the touch of a button.
  • Smart Dialing
    • The T9 Smart-dialer can search for contacts by name, by phone number, and even lists results based on how often you call them.
      By default, no apps installed from the Android market can monitor users’ phone activity.
      Currently, there are over 200,000 phone number codes known to MIUI. These are updated frequently.
  • Messaging
    • A contact can be added at any time;
      It is simple to send a message to an entire group;
      Users can make use of websites, email addresses and phone numbers in a message simply by tapping them;
      There are many pre-written messages for all occasions available to users.
  • Themes
    • Super-fast applying of themes;
      Themes can be applied as a whole, or the user can mix and match different parts from different themes;
      There are many customizable components, including the ringtone, wallpaper, and fonts.
  • Music
    • A huge online music resource is available at the tap of a button;
      Lyrics, album art, and track ID3 information can be edited right from within the app;
      Gestures and shaking are supported, allowing the user to change track without looking at the screen;
      Sleep mode allows the music to be switched off after a set amount of time without any user action
  • Toggles
    • All important controls (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Brightness) are accessible from within the Notification bar. Just drag it down, tap the ‘Controls’ tab and you have access to twelve of the most commonly used settings.
  • MIUI Apps
    • MIUI supports online backups and storage;
      MIUI AppShare and MIUI Marketplace allow users to discover new apps and download them with a single tap;
      MIUI AppShare will notify the user when installed apps have updated.
Neat Things:
  • Pressing the menu key and the volume down button will take a screenshot of what your doing
  • The battery icon in the top right hand corner can be made to display the percentage left
  • There is a blacklist option for calls and text messages
  • You can block internet access for certain apps
  • Almost everything has a theme
  • Comes with a File Explorer, Backup utility, and data usage monitor. Did I mention it also has a firewall?
  • Has a call recorder option when you are in a phone call
  • The rom gives your phone a ‘new phone’ feel to it. It allows for much more customization without the work you would normally have to do.
  • MIUI does everything great. It builds upon Android and makes it something special. I found that it runs faster, smoother, is easier to mess with, and overall better than stock Gingerbread and HTC Sense. If you like iPhone look, but love the Android openness, than this is for you. If you are an Android purist, then.. 😉

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