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Nintendo drops 3DS price

Posted on Sunday, July 31st, 2011 in Uncategorized by Nick

Earlier this week Nintendo announced that they would drop the price of their 3DS by 32%, or to $169, from $249. The price change will go in affect August 12th and comes as a surprise as the device is only 6 months old.

The device has hit a few snags in its early life, mainly the high price, lack of 3D games, and the fact that the regular DS sells at a much lower cost. The lack of games is due to the fact that the device is new and developers are cautious. On the flip-side though, as a consumer why spend more money for a device with less when you can get something that does almost the same amount of things for less money.  It seems Nintendo shot themselves in a foot with the price.

The DS outsold the 3DS two to one over the past three months, so there is another indicator that people are not willing to pay more for 3D gaming. Personally, I haven’t seen a 3D game that makes me want to buy a 3DS or any 3D device out on the market, but when developers are able to make Age of Empires with full  touchscreen controls and 3D effects on something like a tablet, you can count me in.

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