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Buying a PC soon? Use a .edu email and get a free Xbox 360

Posted on Friday, May 20th, 2011 in Uncategorized by Nick

Buying a PC for school over the summer break? Now when you spend over $699 on a Windows 7 PC and use a .edu email address, you can recieve a free Xbox 360. You can also use a Student ID at a participating brick and mortar store if you do not have a .edu email but are still a student. The Xbox 360 model is a 4gb and does not come with Live (well, Gold).

The Microsoft blog says “You can buy any kind of PC, although we recommend a few specifically for students..” so there is not catch other than the price of it and if it is Windows 7. Oh, and it also says “no cost and no strings”. The promotion starts May 22nd for a limited time, so hurry on and get yourself a new PC.

Warning though as a Reddit user said, “I love the irony of this giveaway too. Students! Buy a new computer, and receive free the source of your failure!”.

Src: Microsoft Blog

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