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P2P Styled Sharing on Android

Posted on Monday, March 21st, 2011 in Uncategorized by Nick

Listables was designed with one goal in mind: it’s your data, send it directly to whomever you want. They’re your photos, your music, your contacts.

With Listables, you can share your favortie MP3 when you’re out with a friend, or email vCard contacts to your relatives, or post a list of your favorite apps to a forum. There are many possibilities but please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or email me with feature ideas/requests.

  • Send MP3s, contacs, images or app-lists directly via Bluetooth
  • List apps with QRcodes, Market links, HTML or BBcode
  • Share & backup contacts as vCards, CSV, or plain text
  • Save and load m3u playlists
  • Preview songs and images before sending
  • Generate QR codes individually for apps and contacts
  • Quick copy contact phone numbers or emails
  • Get direct links to the Android market (both Web & Phone), AppBrain, and Androlib



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