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More Call of Duty Black Ops Tips

Posted on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 in Gaming by Nick

I admit it. I’m going to stand up and say that I suck at Call of Duty Black Ops. But I’m trying to get better and in the proccess I needed some tips. Here is a round of tips for Call of Duty Black Ops that have been posted over at the BlackOpsForum.

The below tips were contributed by atticuslodius.

  • The most important thing to remember is that it isn’t how many kills you get, it is how many deaths you avoid. It is better to get only 3 kills and 1 death in a match than to get 20 kills and 25 deaths (for example).
  • If you want to level up quickly, do not stick with 1 weapon the entire time you are leveling. This is because once you kill X amount of people with a weapon you will gain experience. If you consistently switch it up you will gain more experience because you will get the lower level Challenges knocked out for all weapons instead of working towards 1 weapons high level challenges.
  • Getting killed often? Try using the Ghost Perk combined with a weapon that uses a suppressor. This will keep you off radar most of the time.
  • Choose your perks wisely. For example, if you are going to be a rushing class you will want to use your Perk 3 slot as Marathon. However, if you are going to be a sneaky class you may want to think about using Hacker. You will need to unlock the Pro level of Hacker to get the full benefits, but using Hacker Pro will allow you to remain hidden from Motion Sensors.
  • If you haven’t tried Motion Sensors… try them! These allow you to place them and it will work like a small radius Spy Plane. If you like to camp, place a Motion Sensor at one door of a building and fight out of the opposite door. When you see someone appear on your Motion Sensor then turn around, get the kill, and go back to the opposite door to continue picking people off.
  • Most guns have the same kill power, per say. However, the guns that I have found that offer a slight advantage are the FAMAS and the AK74u.
  • If you have a problem with conserving ammo but don’t want to give up using Ghost to switch it for Scavenger then try using “Dual Mags” as an attachment. Dual Mags not only gives you faster reload speed for every other reload it also gives you a couple extra magazines to start with.
  • Dual Mags are very useful. However, if you find yourself not getting the full advantage or the every other reload slows you down….try this… When you have reloaded once but didn’t need to fire from the next round. Pull the trigger quickly to fire off just 1 round and you can reload again and have the Dual Mags perk ready and waiting again.
  • Reload OFTEN! No matter what perks or attachments you use. Every time I get out of a fire fight I quickly reload before I continue on my way. Even if I only pop off 2 or 3 rounds out of a 30 round magazine. It is very important to always carry full ammo in your current magazine. (The only exception would be Light Machine Guns that have extremely large magazines and take forever to reload).
  • Play Team Death Match or Mercenary Team Death Match. Trying to play Free-for-all to early will normally result in quickly getting owned. Play TDM until you can unlock some better weapons, perks, equipments, etc. Then try your hand at FFA.
  • Automatic weapons are AWESOME!… up close that is. If you are using an automatic weapon from long range try firing it in bursts. This way the recoil will not be too bad and keep you from hitting your target.
  • Try to use Spy Plane. I know RCXD is tempting, but it is only good for 1 kill typically. If you use Spy Plane it gives your team an advantage and is normally good enough for me to get 3-4 kills to get my next killstreak reward. Unlike MW2, killstreak kills do not count towards your next killstreak. So using the RCXD is only good for the thrill of driving a car into your enemy. The Spy Plane is much more efficient to team with.
  • Learn the starting spawns of each level and which direction the enemy typically runs to start the match off. For example on Array, everyone tends to congregate at the upper level entrance of the round building. I like to rush and hide behind one of the barriers and start blindly throwing grenades as far as I can get them. This strategy doesn’t always work, but works more often than not. I will typically get 2-3 kills within the first 30 seconds of the match using this method.
  • Secondary weapons are practically worthless in this game. I will most often sport a launcher to take down Spy Planes or a Crossbow. The Crossbow is useful only at long range, you get a low amount of ammo, and it takes a while to reload. Most commonly this weapon should be used like a “Semtex on a stick”.
  • Are you twitchy every time you round a corner? Try equipping Flash Grenade or Concussion Grenade… throw it around the corner and if you get a “hit marker”, you know someone is there. Rush around quickly before the effects of the Grenade wear off. Use them often… you get 2 per life anyways (3 if you use Warlord Pro).

The following tips were contributed by xX Rom Xx

  • Use the Law ( Strela once you can ) for secondary.
  • Shoot down Spy Planes!
  • Even if you have Ghost, your team may not. Everyone seems to expect someone else to shoot things down.
  • You may miss out the odd kill, but it’s much more beneficial as a TEAM to shoot down all killstreaks asap.
  • If playing objective games use the Flak Jacket! It will save you endless times as your capping and a nade or RC comes into the flag!
  • Stop using the RC cars! Spy plane is infinitely better.

The following tips have been contributed by Dromaa

  • Learn to look at the mini-map. Also learn to hit the start button and look at the expanded map occasionally.
  • Pick your killstreak chain carefully. Personally, I very rarely go above a 5. Yeah attack choppers are cool but unless you can count on going through your chain 1.5 to 2 times a round its not worth it.
  • Remember to use your tactical grenades and choose equipment you will USE.

The following tips were contributed by nuk3zord

  • Know the maps. Can not stress this enough. Every single FPS you will ever play, LEARN the maps. Shortcuts, highgrounds, safe points, corners, boxes, anything that will give you an advantage. Learn where heavy traffic areas are, and how to defend/attack them.
  • Either up/ or down your sensitivity, depending on gameplay and what is comfortable with you. If default (3) or whatever it is works for you than stick to it, but I would suggest at least trying uping it 1 sensitivity at a time. Being able to turn a little quicker helps, as long as it doesnt mess up your overall aim.
  • Do not camp a spot, camp an area. If you like to camp, which Im not condoning. But sometimes I will, or I will “defend/camp” and point in objective games. If you sit in one spot, eventually someone that you shot in the back will get pissed enough to look for you in the that exact spot. Camp/defend an area. Exp: Defending the straw/hut area on Jungle
  • I would suggest using a full auto gun. Anything single shot (Sniper rilfes/shotguns) even semi auto will get you into tight spots, usually in CQB situations. With full auto you can at least hold the trigger and get a few shots in. W/ this also using extended or dual mags. On every single gun, I will use extended mags. EVERY single gun, All the iron sights work fine for me. I stopped using sights during COD4. Having that extra ammo will save your life when you end up 3 or 4 vs 1.
  • Move slow but not a crawl. Move from cover to cover if you can. Dont run right across the middle of the field/open areas if you can help it. You dont always have to rush, you can flank, you can wait, you can attempt to flash/conc. You dont always have to rush in, unless you feel you have some sort of advantage ie they are conc’d or something. Also knowing the map helps this, being able to flank someone while they sit there in corner thinking you are coming from a diff direction is quite amusing.
  • Use your damn radar. Anytime anyone fires w/o a suppressor they light up. Anytime you have a spy plane, anyone w/o ghost lights up. Blackbird game over. Being able to use your periphrial (cant spell) and see that little map in the corner will do you wonders. When I drop a blackbird, Im pretty much gauranteed my 11 KS. Even if Im starting at kill 1. Knowing where everyone is, is the win.

The following tips have been contributed by TMoram

  • USE TEAMWORK! I know everyone is out there for their own kills etc. But, teamwork is essential is Team and Objective games. Try and follow 1 team mate at least and work together. If you have a headset, talk to your team – tell them where you were just killed, tell them not to spy plane or air drop if you spot an enemy Turret (using Hacker), tell them where the campers are etc.
  • Know when to go for the kill and when not to. Shoot when you know you’re going to get the kill. Sometimes you might have to let someone go, only take the shot if you are certain of a kill. It’s sometimes not worth giving away an advantageous position.
  • Most people skip KILLCAM to get straight back in the action, but remember – when you kill someone, if they do watch KILLCAM they will know exactly where you are, and most people are likely to seek revenge immediately. This normally means a grenade around a corner, or sprinting straight at you for a melee kill. After a kill, think about moving or be prepared for some revenge seekers!!! Also, Always use KILLCAM yourself – work out where they were, how they shot you, use this information to your advantage.
  • Move slowly and keep checking behind and all around you. Moving slowly means you are more aware of what’s going on around you, judge situations more accurately and pick your shots better.
  • The guns actually have some recoil, some more than others. So always use automatic weapons is short bursts. Holding down the button and spraying bullets everywhere is the least accurate method of firing, and uses up loads of rounds per kill.
  • If you shoot an enemy a few times and he runs around a corner, do not follow him!! Most of the time he will be waiting for you, usually in better cover, or with a team mate. Try and lure him out by firing a couple of rounds towards him, or toss a flash bang round the corner before you go charging in.
  • Do not run flat out towards red dots on your Mini Map. The Red Dot probably has friendlies nearby that haven’t fired. Use unusual paths toward Red Dots, and watch your corners whilst advancing. REMEMBER – People use GHOST, which means 1 red dot may turn out to be 3!

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    I admit it. I’m going to stand up and say that I suck at Call of Duty Black Ops. But I’m trying to get better and in the proccess I needed some tips.
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