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All access: Halo Reach Beta

Posted on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 in Gaming by Nick

As we all know, the beta version for Halo Reach came out on May 5, 2010. In this post, I will explain the new classes, maps, and about the game itself.

First off, Reach takes you in with the Noble team, a group of Spartans sent out to the planet, Reach. Now the beta version only gives a multilayer look, but it still is a whole new ballgame.

If you don’t already have Halo ODST, then you need so you can try out the beta version. Now if you do have ODST, then you pop it in your XBox, scroll down till you see “Play the beta” on the main menu screen, click on it. Then you have to download it, which takes about 15 minutes. After that just click play now and your in.

Before you go head on into a whole new world of game-play, you need to know the classes, that’s right instead of just being a Spartan you get to choose from 4 classes: sprint, guard, stalker, and airborne.,

  • Sprint, as the name states, will get you across the battle field at a quick pace for a short time. It can also get you into that close quaters combat some of you love, but be-warn there are no one hit melee kills anymore.
  • Guard will put you into a defensive position, where you become invincible to everything, for a while. It is good when you are about to die or capturing a position and flag. Also good for protecting. You can not move though when you are in this mode, but if you feel that your opponents  might assassinate you, then don’t fret, it releases a EMP blast that weakens and pushes back the enemy, giving you the edge you might need.
  • Stalker makes you invisible for a short time. Good for sneaking up at an enemy, and I dare say…. camping. The down side though, it messes up your mini map, but also everybody around you.
  • Last but not least… Airborne. Jet-pack and high-fly lovers will love this class. Makes you fly up for a limited time but fall damage is back so don’t fly too high! Gives the drop on other players also. It also allows you to get to point A to point B quicker. The only bad thing is, it makes you an easy target for your enemies.

Now that you know the classes, its time to dissect two of the new, common maps the beta offers: Powerhouse and Sword Base.

  • Powerhouse is basically a platform that leads to a place to the far left of the map, goes great with airborne and stalker and allows for some fun carnage on other varents such as capture the flag.
  • Sword Base is two complex, spider web like bases, really goes great with airborne to get to those tough to reach sniping spots sprinter is good to get away from the action in a flash, but probably guard is the best cause anything could be lurking right above you. Really goes great with capture the flag.

Now I know you are wondering if there are new variants. well let me tell you YES THERE ARE!!!  Invasion… In Invasion, one side is the elites trying to capture a data tablet and then the Spartans trying to protect it. In the beginning you get to choose from being a soldier to to a sniper like person, but only sprint class in the beginning. Later on in the game, you get to choose from all the classes.


  • plasma pistil now causes splash damage
  • covenant carbon is now like a sniping needlier
  • plasma rifle doesn’t overheat, and the controls are like a “normal shooter”


  • grenade launcher is hard to aim
  • people can still see your outline if you are invisible
  • wraith is a tad bit slower
  • scorpion is way easier to kill (i got killed by a plasma grenade while in a scoripion and he just threw it)

Overall Reach will be an awesome game when it comes out and i cant wait.

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    As we all know, the beta version for Halo Reach came out on May 5, 2010. In this post, I will explain the new classes, maps, and about the game itself
    [See the full post at: All access: Halo Reach Beta]

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