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Opera for the iPhone

Posted on Sunday, April 18th, 2010 in Uncategorized by Nick

Apple, the crazy old-woman from down the street that takes your baseballs, finally gave you back one today in the form of Opera Mini for the iPhone. I for one am suprised they approved of it, considering their track record…


Home Page: Like its Computer version the Opera Mini 5 for iPhone enabled users to customize its home page with a feature called Speed Dial. The Speed Dial feature lets iPhone users to customize a grid of nine favorite sites for quick and easy access.

Flexibility: Opera Mini 5 provides flexibility with customization and settings which Apple Safari is missing. Opera Mini 5 for iPhone lets users to manage save passwords, adjust font sizes, image quality and even control over skins.

Speed: Opera Mini 5 is faster than Apple Safari as the Opera browser uses compression technique that speeds web page loading time.

Its super fast and the speed dial is the best, but the pinch and zoom thing is a major letdown.

3.5 / 5

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