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Deadly’s Halo ODST Review

Posted on Sunday, April 18th, 2010 in Uncategorized by SaulMartin

I my self am not a big halo fan much anymore after H2 never really like H3 so when I first heard of ODST I wasn’t very excited for it like some of the other halo fanboys. Untill about a couple of weeks before it’s release and of everone talking about it and watching some gameplay I got a little curious and started to really want to play this game. About 4 days after its release my neighbor let me borrow his copy and so played it that night, and wasn’t very pleased.


Halo 3: ODST was originally suppose to be an expansion pack for Halo 3 but for some reason they decided to make it a full fledged game wich was a really dumb and cheap way to make a quick buck.

The story takes place before Halo 2 in New Mombasa during the attacked and before New Mombasa was destroyed. You play as Rookie, a part of a ODST squad. You and your squad set out on a mission but are separated and lose contact of each other during your deployment and you crash land in New Mombasa. From here you set out to find and discover clues on where and what happened to your squadmates.


After you crash land you find yourself in New Mombasa a big city full of covenant just waiting to kill you. You must find the clues of your squadmates in that city wich because a pretty big hassle because you sometimes find your self having to travle from one part of New Mombasa to the whole other side of the city just to find these clues. And after a while this because really repetitive and quite boring. The idea of this clue-finding-squadmate playing- idea feels broken and worthless because at times youll forget on which direction the story is taking you and basically making your forget what you suppose be doing.

Now the idea of a playing a weaker character does sound good in the begenning but then it just seems repetitive because youll find your self dying multiple times, having to sneak past people just so you dont get killed, and or taking cover constantly to regain health. You are very limited on ammo wich does make the game a little more challenging but youll also find your self running out of ammo alot and have to constantly restock.

The game is very short and very boring i could only get through about 3 hours of it and got really bored, I got through it in about 7 hours on normal, but it would be shorter if i didnt have to constantly sneak my way or take cover all the time which took up alot of your time. It just doesn’t feel like this should be a game burning 50$ throught your wallet but feels like it should have been an addon to your origional H3.


Theres not really multiplayer for this game. All they did was add-on the Halo 3 multiplayer and added a multiplayer like horde game type called firefight when itself is pretty useless. FIREFIGHT HAS NO MATCHMAKING!!! which will make you wonder why you even want to play it when the only way you can play it with other people is if you have friends willing to play to invite. Not adding matchmaking to fire fight is like telling the consumer “Here have a great horde type gameplay where you CAN have countless fun surviving wave after wave of convenet” only to have them stab you in the back and practically saying fuck you cant have that fun because you cant play online with other people…only your friends….how much fun is that?

Adding the Halo 3 multiplayer was a cheap thing to do i mean comeon…H3 multiplayer is bad enough but really? this game could have had a great multiplayer like gameplay with this game but no…they had to be lazy…they give you a 7 hour game, fire fight wich you cant play online with other people, and the H3 multiplayer, wich itself isnt that great, all for 50$? To me that is a rip-off because what about those people who still have H3 bought all the map packs, wich you get all free with ODST, just to find that ODST comes with it all.


Sound and soundtrack is pretty good and so is voice acting.


Same old H3 look with some advancements.


This game does not feel like it should have been a full flegded game but an expansion pack. This game feels very slow and aslo a Short story and very repetitive and boring. multiplayer is useless its just the same old H3 multiplayer with a horde like gametype wich has no matchmaking.


  • Visuals are very nice
  • Sounds, voice acting, and soundtrack just gives you that feel of a traditional Halo game.
  • A good way to tell the background of the ODST.
  • Firefight is fun but only when you have people to play with.


  • Gameplay is solid but gets very repetitive and boring
  • Very short campaign basically about 7 hours if you play it without rushing.
  • Story at times becomes dull and boring
  • Same old Halo 3 add-on
  • Firefight has no matchmaking
  • For those who bought the game just for the Reach beta it doesnt come out till next year…so id wait for the price to go down before buying this..
  • Overall Score:


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