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Deadly’s COD MW2 Review

Posted on Sunday, April 18th, 2010 in Uncategorized by SaulMartin

COD MW2 must be the most anticipated game ever to be released. It already sold more than 4.7 million copies worldwide in 24 hours. This tremendous accomplishment landed them the record for most copy’s sold in a day and also gave the game the title of the biggest entertainment launch in history. MW2 is made by none other than the masterminds Infinity Ward who first gave COD light and is very well keeping the franchise solid, even though their signed with Activision -_-…….

No Russian: Controversy

One of aspect of the game is the mission entitled “No Russian” which is the mission where you are an American secret agent infiltrating Makarov. While still an agent you, Makarov and his crew gun-down a Russian Airport. You are there when Makarov and his crew slaughter innocent people, but you don’t have to shoot the civilians if you don’t want to. After killing the civilians you are forced to kill Russian police who are trying to stop your terror. By the end of the mission you are betrayed by Makarov, knowing your an secret agent of course, to “send a message” aka making the Russian Government to believe that America is setting terrorist acts on Russia.

This mission alone sets the story, but there is a problem:

The Warning:

When your first boot your MW2 game this message will appear telling you of this disturbing content and if would want to skip it, innocent enough?
The problem is that this message does not tell you in exact detail of what you will be skipping and if you do choose to skip then you will skip the No Russian mission which could be a problem because your gonna be scratching your head at the story. This mission basically sets up the games story and skipping this mission might confuse a lot of people.
Now I do understand on how this mission can be disturbing to some people and their will be people skipping over this mission. All I’m saying is that IW could at least have some text of a small cut-scene about what happens in the No Russian mission if people do skip it, to at least let people know so they wont be confused. I myself played this mission and overall i didn’t really find anything disturbing, I actually enjoyed killing these people. I mean it doesn’t make be a bad person does it? I mean at least I’m not doing it in real life.


Vladimir Makarov sets out a terrorist act on a Russian Airport while at the end killing an American CIA agent, whose mission was to get close to Makarov, and leaving body behind to be discovered to tricked the Russian Government into thinking that an American-supported terrorist attack fell upon them. During the game you switch back and forth between U.S. Army Ranger Private Joseph Allen who is at American front-lines repelling Russian invasions and attacks, and to Sergeant Gary “Roach” Sanderson infiltrate a Task Force 141 to capture Makarov and seize important intelligence to prove that Makarov was indeed the master mind of the Russian attack.


The Campaign is indeed worth your time, from the deep gameplay mechanics to the story line.The Campaign is nothing but action packed balls-to-the-wall action that will keep you entertained through the story and to give you a great challenge along the way. IW fixed some problems that they had on COD4’s campaign, fixing choke spot, less grenade spam, and removed enemy re-spawn, etc… The interaction between you and the characters and between themselves falls into place making the your experience much better. The campaign is great in diversity to the snow mobile chases to sneaking your way threw a Russian controlled oil rig. The AI has also greatly improved from the last MW installment. Enemy AI is much more challenging and friendly AI can actually hold up on their own and help fellow players.
There are also some down falls, one is that the campaign is very short only about 5-6 hours worth if playing on regular. For those who are buying the game just for the campaign will have a great experience but it will be very short (that’s what she said ).
Overall Campaign is great in mostly every way but is very short and is gonna make you screaming for more (that’s what she said ).

Graphics and Sound:

Graphics are absolutely amazing and very detailed and IW makes sure you notice very single one and every single detail. Guns are very well detailed to almost looking real, explosions also look great and feel real, and the environment is amazing to look at and I bet that more than once in the game you will be stopping to take a look at the scenery.
Every aspect of sound in this game make you fell like you are actually in the game, to the sound of the explosions going off over your head, to the sound o f bullets whizzing by you. Character voices and dialogue makes everything seem more intense as they constantly update you on enemy locations and just to the interactions they have between each other, it just makes everything seem more realistic. Music score makes the game more epic and makes you just want to sit there and listen.

Spec Ops:

Spec Ops is a great addition to MW2 for those who want to play co-op. Spec Op gives you missions you can partake in with friends or by yourself. Most missions are those from the campaign but will sometimes give you a different objective. These are fun to play with friends and are fun to try to earn as much stars as you can. Spec Ops doesn’t feel like a worthless add-on but a new experience. A downside is that there is no matchmaking so you cant play with random people online, but that’s pretty much ok because your gonna want to tackled these missions down with some friends than a worthless idiot with no mic…and doesn’t know what hes doing….sounds like Zombies on COD5 -_-………


Mulitplayer is why you bought this game isn’t it? What is a COD game without intense and fun mulitplayer and IW gave us what we wanted plus a lot more. Multplayer is fun and intense and most times diverse, from the fast paced small maps to the large slow paced matches it will keep you entertained and at the edge of your seat for that sweet sweet kill.
Gaining xp in-game is also a lot faster and more fun because you are constantly getting challenges and being rewarded for certain kills such as pulling of headshots, longs shots, etc…This is great for newer players that aren’t that good but are still rewarded for trying and getting different types of kills. Even when you prestige you unlock new challenges to fulfill.
Multiplayer also gives you different variety in matchypes such as CTF or the funny 3rd person matchypes. This is a great way to spice up your multiplayer experience if you are tired of playing TDM or S&D.
Multiplayer has a lot of new features such as pro perks which give you and extra needed effect. There’s also a larger variety of attachments and new attachments such as the thermals scope, FMJ, new and improved ACOG sight, akimbo, tactical knife, etc.. which are fun to challenge your self to achieve and with the larger variety of weapons you will have a longer time to achieve those sweet rewards. Mulitplayer also gives you call signs and emblems to even further customize your experience to show your true colors. These callsigns are great way to spice up the experience and are fun to look at, to unlock, and to set out for each one. They also aren’t just a tag on to the game they are actually used in-game by showing the callsign of the person you killed or got killed by…also these callsigns of people will pop up on the right side of your screen if you or someone else did something special like get the first kill or called in the deadly AC130. Even when you prestige you keep the callsigns you earned and you get new challenges to unlock different and better killsigns keeping the game fresh and enjoyable. Killstreaks is probably one of the biggest impact on the game because you are able to customize they killstreaks you get and there are a large variety of killstreaks to chose from. Each certain amount of levels you can unlock one of the killstreaks so you can customize your load out to suit your needs. The variety of these killstreaks is satisfying and each different one gives a chance to change the games outcome and pace. There are also unlockable Deathstreaks which are for those unfortunate who just aren’t that good at the game and if they die a certain amount of times without killing any one they are awarded with a deathstreak. These deathstreaks include Copy Cat which let you copy the class of the person who killed your or Final stand which is like last stand but you can use your primary weapon and if you don’t die in final stand you are revived. These Deathstreaks could be helpful to some but they aren’t really game changing and some of the deathstreaks are pretty much useless. Multiplayer maps are much more improved than those of COD4 they each give you a variety of was to play and aren’t as linear as those of COD4. One problem I have had during playing online is that sometimes you are stuck with a laggy and slow connection host, and i have a great connection and internet speed, which dampers down playability. Another problem is the Host Migration, it is a great feature and 90% works flawlessly but I have been in some games were it took quite a while to find a new host.

Overall Score:



  • Campaign is fun, challenging, and will keep you well entertained
  • Multiplayer is a must play and will keep you playing this game for months or years to come
  • Spec Ops is a great co-op experience and doesn’t feel like a worthless add-on
  • Graphics and Sound are absolutely outstanding and a great upgrade from COD4
  • AI improved and much needed game fixes from COD4 are fixed


  • Host Migration sometimes takes to long
  • Campaign is too shor

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