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Top iOS7 Jailbreak Tweaks So Far

Posted on Thursday, January 16th, 2014 in Mobile by Nick

With the recent release of a proper, untethered jailbreak for iOS 7, the mad rush for the best jailbreak tweaks is on. Below are a few tweaks that I found that were great.


Basically everything you want to do with the Control Center can be made true with CCCControls. It can theme, change toggles, order toggles, and even restrict certain toggles on the Control Panel. A must have for any user wanting to add a new level of customization to their device.

CCHide can remove different sections of the Control Center and is a light alternative to CCControls if you don’t need that level of customization.

Messages Customiser
I love this tweak, honestly so far its the best tweak to come out. No longer are you stuck with the blue and white color scheme of the Messages app, now you can use any color you like. Red, maroon, pink, dark blue, purple, etc colors and other options such as contact photos in the message list are just some of the things this tweak enables.

Always Clear
Getting rid of notifications in the Notification Center is a very annoying task, especially if you have tons of them. Always Clear makes this much easier by making it one click clear.

AirBlue Sharing 7
AirDrop is a feature of iOS7 I find my self using more and more lately. Its frustrating however that I can’t share photos to buddies with Android phones or how I can’t send photos to my PC over Bluetooth. With AirBlue, this is no longer true. It allows the sharing of photos, notes, videos, contacts, music, and even voice memos.

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