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Google sued for not removing a photo of Miami Heat owner

Posted on Thursday, June 28th, 2012 in Culture, Internet by Felica Grenda

Welcome to 2012. Strange and ugly pictures of people pop up on social-network systems all the time, right? It shouldn’t be that big of a deal. And most of the time, it’s not.

Unless you’re Ranaan Katz, the owner of the Miami Heat NBA team. Katz has decided to go and sue Google over a picture, and is basing his argument on copyright infringement, and also wrote in his complaint that the photo is “partially distorted to do it’s unflattering nature.”

The photo shows Katz standing courtside during a game with raised eyebrows, his chin tucked in, and tongue hanging out. It’s a very interesting picture, to say the least.

Katz filed a complaint in Miami federal court that requests damages be both paid by the blogger who posted the photo, and Google for not taking it down, according to paidContent.

The blogger that put up the picture runs a blog called RK Associates, which is dedicated to exposing Katz for reportedly shady commercial real estate operations, and other misbehavior. Katz sued the blogger last year in a defamation lawsuit regarding critical blog posts.

Google became a part of things when Katz served a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice to the company with a request to move the photo. Google reportedly gets millions of requests like this, and says yes to 97% of them. Katz was part of the 3% this time around.

I’m not hosting the photo on here since it’s under fire, but it can be found on the blog post that started it all here.

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