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Online activists have decided to found an “Internet Defense League” in hopes of fending off anti-piracy bills like SOPA and PIPA in the future.

Users who choose to sign up receive code that they can put on their websites to let visitors know about a threat to Internet freedom from anywhere, legislation or not.

The League already has sites that can encourage a lot of internet users to support them. Websites that have signed up include Reddit, WordPress, Public Knowledge, Craigslist, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Imgur, and Cheezburger Network.

A formal launch has been planned to happen in about two weeks, when Congress returns to session, according Fight for the Future’s Tiffany Cheng. Cheng has put the league together along with Reddit co-founder and the “spokesperson of the internet” Alexis Ohanian.

The League alerts are supposed to be like an emergency broadcast system, essentially a bat-signal for the internet. This cues activists to come swooping in to save the day… whether they choose to wear a cape or not is up to them.

Cheng and Ohanian have joked about calling an alert a “cat-signal”, referencing Ethan Zuckerberg’s “Cute Cat Theory of Digital Activism” post, which says that users who are into posting videos and stories about cats will pay more attention to activist messages. Because when the government takes away their pussy, the once adorable cat-loving fans get very pissed.

Reports have shown that on the day of the SOPA & PIPA blackout, there were 3.9 million tweets about the bills. Cheng and Ohanian hope to be able to get an even bigger result this time around.

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