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10 Useful free computer apps

Posted on Friday, March 25th, 2011 in Other by jmc

There are quite a few applications on my computer, today I will list the 10 I find most useful
(Web browsers aren’t part of this list)

1. Avast antivirus
This application has quite a few useful features, and even in its non upgraded state its just as useful to me as Norton was before the trial expired. Its blocked many things from infecting my computer.

Site – Avast Antivirus

2. Jet audio
Windows media player fails in comparison to this awesome application
Accessing and organizing my music is alot more easier now

Site – Jet audio homepage

3. IObit Smart ram
My computer was already fast, but why wouldn’t I want to make it faster?
This application runs in the background and regulates your computers ram

Site – Smart ram download page

4. The Freecorder
Now this is not actually considered an app by most people, but it certainly is useful
This extension allows you to record anything playing off your computer
Whatever you hear in your pc speakers/headphones will be recorded.
I wont list what I use it for but imaginative minds could easily find the epic possibilities.

Site – Freecorder

5. Glary utilities
This program, even on the free version works really well to delete junk files, clean my registry, check for small spyware files and well, the list goes on

Site – Glary

6. Paint.NET
OK well its obvious that for serious artists the best choice for a graphics tool is photoshop.
However many people do not have the money to buy it.
For those people I highly recommend Paint.NET, its consistent updates and open source scripting makes this a versatile tool.

Site – PDN

7. The spybot
Paranoid that something may be hiding on your computer?
Get some peace of mind by getting this program
The software scans every possible nook and crany and brings things to the surface that no other program Ive seen can

Site – Spybot

8. Power ISO
For managing your games and roms this tool is fast and user friendly

Site – Power ISO

9. Eltima Flash optimizer
Ok so if I wanted to have a song in an swf file play on a webpage, and the file is 4mbs, that’s not very user friendly and wouldn’t be good form for making a website
With this software I can cut the size in half and maybe even further, although all flash files will be in black and white in the free version, for music it does just fine.

Site – Optimizer

10. Notepad ++
This isn’t your ordinary notepad, with multi script syntax coloring, macro recording, and multiple languages,
this will make the default notepad seem extremely obsolete

Site – Notepad ++

We all have our own prefs when it comes to apps but I have a feeling you’ll find these quite useful
But if I use

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    There are quite a few applications on my computer, today I will list the 10 I find most useful (Web browsers aren’t part of this list) 1. Avast antivi
    [See the full post at: 10 Useful free computer apps]

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