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Backbreaker 2

Posted on Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 in Gaming by Nick

After releasing the hit game for the Xbox 360 NaturalMotion decided to release a new installment of Backbreaker dubbed Backbreaker 2 vengeance. The new game features new teams, new moves, a new stadium and biggest of all a new game mode. here you’ll get the hard hitting review and see if it’ll be worth breaking out the piggy bank for Backbreaker 2 vengeance.


With all of the new features, you might think that going back to basics will do harm for its franchise, well that is what Vengeance exactly did though. NaturalMotion kept things simple, they kept the juke and spin and just added a jump and a truck. to do the newly jump all you have to do is tap the screen, while the truck is the showboating button for running. What really sets Vengeance way up on the totem pole now is the new “vengeance mode”. this time instead of dodging defenders for those sweet six points, you can find and lay out the ball carrier to to have that sweet feeling of just hitting something. Now there are still those pesky offenders that you have to juke, spin, truck or even jump over. NaturalMotion then put a spin on everything to make your life a little less… boring. they put special defenders and offenders that you have to either jump or truck and special barriers that you have to either jump and duck under. this gives the game a little bit of skill, a little bit excitement, and a whole lot of throwing your device against the wall in anger. now with all this in mind you maybe just want to run and live your glory days of Backbreaker without your friends for making fun of you for still playing it. well NaturalMotion still kept this in mind and kept tackle alley. sure you could say that they rebuilt it, but it kept the framework that made Backbreaker so successful. now with every game there are issues are problems that bring it the their knees and Backbreaker Vengeance is no exception. even thou NaturalMotion tried to simplify the new controls to make it easier, it is still pretty hard.  you have to sometimes do multiple moves in a sequence, not get tackled or just get the ball carrier, now with the new added players that gets difficult since then you have to know who to jump, to juke/spin, or who to truck and this can get complicated in later rounds. the biggest problem i have faced his when i had to jump over a barricade, then juke a guy and suddenly i had to duck, now it goes with out saying that i failed, but the game still doesn’t allow you to do a move till you finish the first one. it may not be a problem in Tackle Alley, but it sure is in Vengeance. the game can also be laggy at times which can mean defeat, but is not a big issue. the biggest issue have about the game is that it continues to crash repeatably. i hope the devs. can fix this issue, but other than that one there are no bigger issues.


The gameplay could be good but what really makes or breaks one is the graphics. Sadly though Vengeance lacks this quality.  the graphics really haven’t improved from Tackle Alley. this is a major set back for a game like this. NaturalMotion could have updated the graphics if they wanted to, but i don’t know why they didn’t. whats even worse though is the sound effects. they basically copied the exact same sounds as Tackle Alley with nothing new. Even the graphics had a little step even if minor, but NaturalMotion seemed like they didn’t put any effort into the sounds, tome this a big disappointment and a step down for this game to truly become great. this game mostly focuses on the activities that you do and not the  way it looks. this is bad in a generation that rates on content and more so on the graphics. NaturalMotion truly let me down here.

All about the money

Is Backbreaker 2 Vengeance really worth the $3 bucks that the devs are asking i so no. this game isn’t that good for $3 dollars. now if they fix the bugs, glitches, crashing and update the graphics more maybe just maybe it could be worth $3. There are too many things wrong with this game due to mainly poor upkeep with the game. i would buy it for $2 dollars but asking 3 bucks is too high.


it is a good game, but lacks in key areas. too many bugs to even play it right now, leaves you wishing that you should have bought something else. it isn’t awful, but it defiantly  does not deserve a 5, till NaturalMotion does everything better or at least fixes all the bugs in it it shall not get what it truly deserves.

3 out of 5.

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    After releasing the hit game for the Xbox 360 NaturalMotion decided to release a new installment of Backbreaker dubbed Backbreaker 2 vengeance. The ne
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