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Steve Jobs Worst Nightmare: Cracked Apps on a non-jailbroken iPad

Posted on Sunday, September 19th, 2010 in Mobile by Nick

Probably not Steve Jobs worst nightmare, but this has to be one of them. Apparently, a developer from iModZone has created an application that can install any app for free (think something like Installous) on a non-Jailbroken iPad. With this, the piracy of apps becomes a much larger issue, since basically anyone can do it now. The app relies on an exploit in the 4.1 / 4.2 firmware, which allows creation of files, so users on those firmwares can use it.

The developer plans to release this on his website and will charge around $20 USD for it. The idea of charging for it seems kind of a fail since the app is to pirate other apps… Common sense says most of the users will just pirate it, and apparently the YouTube comments agree.

One good upside to this is people won’t jailbreak their iPads to pirate apps as often if this works like advertised, so the jailbroken community will get a better name if anything.

Video Demo:

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