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On July 9th, Moovlin PC hit Newgrounds and has been a smashing hit sense then. With 28 levels, a single player campaign over an hour long, over 25 minutes of animated cutscenes voiced by jfig111, Joshua Tomar, Rina-chan and RLFHOG3, a whopping 37 medals, and 12 pieces of bonus art, Moovlin PC gives you the ride of your life.

Now I was lucky enough to get a little interview with jfig111, the man behind Moovlin. This is what he had to say.

Me: How do it feel to get Moovin PC finally released and out to the public?
jfig111: It feels awesome, I hope people enjoy it, I have put so much work into it that it’s sort of unreal. I hope Newgrounds can get over their mantra of voting 0 on every submission that isn’t their own so Moovlin has a chance at winning something too, but besides that, yeah, I am glad it is finally out. Reception has been amazing so far.

Me: How much time and effort did you put into Moovlin PC?
jfig111: Too much. Let’s see, I started the project back in around January of 2009, and it is July 2010 now. I have put somewhere around 1000 hours for sure into the game. I think the main issue it had is that I could have cut the time of development down a bit if I set my standards lower, but after releasing demos and having complaints, I tried my hardest to make Moovlin PC one of the best games ever, and of course, it isn’t that, but it is pretty good for a flash game and people love it so far, so I’m happy!

Me: Did anything/body inspire you to make this game?
jfig111: There are too many inspirations to list in a simple review, Sonic and Mario being the top influences for Moovlin PC, but there are tons of nooks and themes about the game that have to do with movies, games, books, it goes beyond just answering a question.

Me: Cult Classic, lol?
jfig111: Definitely. There are some original aspects to Moovlin though, particularly the humor I put in referencing current events (Tiger woods, per say).

Me: Can we see Moovlin venturing off to the iPhone or PSP soon?
jfig111: I’m not going to confirm anything as I don’t have a clue, but games like these gain popularity extremely fast, people do get interested in ports, so while it’s likely, it isn’t confirmed. Don’t get your hopes up though.

Me: Is there a future for Moovlin?
jfig111: Oh yes, a very bright one as well. While I don’t plan on making a Moovlin PC 2 soon (unless the popularity is over the top), I do plan on spin-offs and perhaps making some plush toys!

Me: The plush toys sound awesome 😛
jfig111: I think Kwing is making a prototype model.

Me: Is there a future for the man behind the computer?

  1. Pass school
  2. Get a bachelor’s degree in art
  3. Go to Harvard Law school
  4. Become prime minister of Canada
  5. ???

Me: Well its been great talking to you.
jfig111: No problem, and remember… VOTE 5!


Click here to play Moovllin on Newgrounds.

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    On July 9th, Moovlin PC hit Newgrounds and has been a smashing hit sense then. With 28 levels, a single player campaign over an hour long, over 25 min
    [See the full post at: Exclusive Interview with jfig111, the creator of Moovlin PC]

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